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Design and Selection


Selection of Cartridge Filter

  In the field of industrial dust removal, more and more dust remover manufacturers and end users begin to choose the cartridge filter. High efficiency and energy saving, reasonable equipment volume and high cost performance are the main reasons. The design and selection of filter cartridge mainly consider the following factors:

  ● The Nature of Dust

  ● The Installation Form

  ● The Selection of Filter Media

  ◆ The Nature of Dust

  When designing a cartridge filter, we first need to determine whether it is dust removal, material recovery or air purification. WUXI TR supports the following judgement: In the working condition of dust removal and material recovery, a new type shallow pleat(24mm) pulse long filter cartridge is preferred to replace the bag filter; In the purification industry, the traditional filter cartridge with large diameter and large filtration area with deep pleat(48mm) is more used.

  ◆ The Installation Form

  The installation form of filter cartridge can be designed according to the different structure, usually divided into: top mounting, bottom mounting, side mounting.The new type of pulse pleated long filter cartridge is mostly installed vertically, which is beneficial to the design of spraying and blowing mode, suitable for places with large dust concentration and better dust cleaning effect. The traditional self-cleaning cartridge filter is more side -mounted, but also a small part through the flange structure to achieve vertical installation. Usually it is the traditional large diameter (such as 352,324) filter cartridge. Its advantage is large filtration area; The disadvantage is that the pleat is too deep, poor cleaning effect, easy to cause secondary cleaning. It’s often used in places with small dust concentration.

  ◆ The Selection of Filter Media

  The selection of filter media should consider the following factors: temperature, dust concentration, moisture, acidity and alkalinity, electrical conductivity, etc. WUXI TR recommends priority selection of polyester filter material or high-temperature PPS, Nomex filter material, at the same time can be used for anti-static, oil-waterproof, flame retardant, and PTFE coating treatment, and only in places with low dust concentration using cellulose filter cartridge. Generally speaking, the wind speed of ordinary polyester filter cartridge is above 1m/min, while the wind speed of cellulose filter cartridge is below 0.6m/min. The service life of polyester filter cartridge is more than one year, and most of the service life of cellulose filter cartridge is six months.